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Green Coffee

Aldea Development's green coffee program was started to harness the growth of specialty grade coffee and open market access so that farmers can be paid a price above market and Fair Trade prices.


We only purchase coffee that meets our rigiorous quality standards. We then market our coffees to socially concious roasters abroad (including our sister company Aldea Coffee) and foster a direct-trade relationship between farmers and roasteries. We seek to continue connecting farmers, roasters, and consumers, going beyond the coffee to build community and awareness.


Are you interested in buying green coffee from La Unión? Contact us at

Roasted Coffee

Aldea Coffee serves individual consumers, retail locations, restaurants, and institutions. For individuals, this means that the coffee you drink in your home comes from a farmer that you can name, that you can become familiar with. You can purchase roasted Aldea Coffee online, or contact us for other ways to get our coffee.


Retailers, churches, schools, cafes, and restuarants can also partner with Aldea by serving specialty-grade, ethically-sourced coffee from the mountains of Honduras. Contact us to learn more!

Market Access

The amount farmers make from their harvest depends on two things: how much they harvest, and how much they sell it for. Aldea Development’s market access program connects farmers to higher paying markets, complementing our training and microfinance programs that help ensure high yields and good quality.


In La Unión, where coffee is the main agricultural product, we connect farmers' high-quality coffee to markets in the U.S. in two ways: roasted Aldea Coffee, and green (unroasted) coffee. This gives farmers an incentive to improve their coffee, and the ability to sell it for a price worthy of the time, effort, and investment put into producing a quality product.


Meet Aldea coffee farmers >

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