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Our Programs

Aldea Development works to help communities achieve a higher quality of life. Through our programs of microloans, trainings, market access, and community partnership projects, we strive to provide a sustainable solution to poverty.




Microloans provide small-scale farmers the financial capacity to make the most of their land and crops. These loans help farmers increase their production and income, and help them acheive economic stability and savings.

Technical Training


Proper training ensures that farmers are educated in the newest and most effective ways to care for their crops. We are constantly learning so that we may advise farmers on the best practices and materials to address problems they encounter on their fields.


Market Access


Aldea Development actively helps its clients find better markets for their products. The prospect of a better price provides the farmers with motivation to keep improving the quality of their product. We do this through sales of roasted Aldea Coffee as well as sales of green coffee to roasters in the United States.

Community Partnership


Aldea Development’s Community Partnership Program is a new model of community development that seeks to utilize the strengths of three different partners—Aldea Development, an aldea (village) in La Unión, and an outside organization —to work towards a common goal, and in so doing, develop long-term and sustainable change.


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