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By connecting communities in Honduras and in the United States, we work with villages to address problems they have identified, and help them achieve their community goals.


Through community partnerships, we foster relationship-building, discussions with community leaders, and exchange of ideas. We work alongside community leaders to prioritize goals in each village, and work toward the greater well-being of each family in the community.


Our Projects

Community partnership projects provide resources for entire communities. Community-wide involvement is absolutely crucial for success in reaching economic, health, and education goals. Our partner organizations help support these community efforts. Contact us to learn more about how you can become involved!


Examples of projects we have worked on, or are currently working on, include...


  • Cement pilas in the village of Nueva Paz with Calvary Church of Holland, MI

  • Water access in the village of San Agustin with Life Church of Fort Collins, CO

  • Water distribution in the village of La Cuesta with Lakeshore Fellowship of Spring Lake, MI

  • Model Village water and sanitation project in the village of San Carlos with METAD

Community Partnership

A model of community development that highlights and utilizes the strengths of each partner and fosters mutual exchange.

La Unión is rich in natural resources, but many villages lack the infrustructure or materials to access and utilize these resources. For example, inconsistant or unsanitary water access leads to additional problems for a family's health and income.  

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