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Job Opportunity: Sales Manager (Filled)

Aldea Development

Sales Manager

*Note: This is an archived blog post - this position has now been filled.

Job Description

The main role of Aldea Development’s Sales Manager is to serve as the connection between farmers and coffee roasters. The person who fills this role will be responsible for building these relationships and coordinating the sale of green coffee that Aldea Development imports. The job will mainly involve getting samples to buyers, signing contracts, setting up events, coordinating and leading origin trips, and helping Aldea Development, roasters, and farmers work together to ensure quality. Other responsibilities include coordinating contracts and payments, representing Aldea Development to roasters and the US coffee community, and planning and implementing improvements to the program. We are a small organization, so the exact requirements of this job may change over time.

This job will require a 2-4 month orientation during the 2016 harvest (January – May of 2016) in Honduras. This orientation will involve getting to know Aldea Development and its staff, getting to know farmers we work with, assisting with sample preparation and cupping, and preparing to sell the 2016 coffee harvest coffees from the farmers we work with. The work thereafter will be based largely in the U.S., with various 1-4 week periods spent in Honduras, particularly during harvest months.

Requirements of an Applicant

  • Passion for coffee and quality

  • Passion for supporting small-scale farmers

  • Experience working in the coffee industry

  • Ability to travel to Honduras for 1-4 weeks at a time

  • Ability to lead new projects

  • Ability to take on large responsibility for the success of the program

  • Good interpersonal skills, ability to handle sales-related discussions and tasks

  • Self-motivated, with ability to work individually and on a team

Other Desired Characteristics of Applicant

  • Sales experience

  • Coffee cupping experience

  • Basic Spanish

Tasks Involved in the Job

During coffee harvest (January – May)

  • Travel to Honduras with clients and help lead origin trips.

  • Spend time working with farmers and Aldea Development’s staff in Honduras.

  • Participate in coffee cuppings to make purchasing decisions.

  • Communicate with shipping and logistics providers to ensure timely delivery of coffee to the U.S.

  • Communicate with buyers about upcoming harvest.

  • Occasional work at Aldea Developments coffee processing center, assisting in coffee processing and quality training.

After coffee harvest (June – August)

  • Cup coffees in Aldea Development’s warehouse.

  • Send samples to current and potential clients; attend cuppings of samples.

  • Form and develop relationships with new potential clients.

  • Create and sign contracts with clients.

  • Communicate with buyers to get feedback on coffees.

  • Follow up with warehouse to ensure that coffee is shipped to buyers.

Before coffee harvest (August – December)

  • Plan events with coffee clients that help to connect clients/consumers and farmers.

  • Represent Aldea Development at coffee industry events such as regional and national SCAA events. Competing, judging, or giving presentations at these events.

  • Communicate with all current buyers to understand expected purchasing for upcoming harvest.

  • Plan origin trips with clients for upcoming harvest.

To apply for this position, send us your resume and cover letter. Please send application materials or questions about the position to:



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