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Support Training for Honduran Farmers

Are you looking to give a tax-deductible gift this holiday season? Consider helping support the farmers in Aldea Development’s training program in La Unión, Honduras.

Why is our training program important? Technical training is key for farmers who want to improve their economic situation. The goal of our training program at Aldea Development is to help farmers become as productive and fruitful as possible by learning effective tools for managing their fields and managing their income.

The Coffee Farmer School is our flagship program, where our knowledgeable field officers teach farmers how to grow and process high quality coffee. Our field officers spend much of their workdays going with farmers to evaluate their fields and teach farmers how to improve their farms based on their specific needs. Our trainings cover topics that include environmentally conscious techniques, coffee plant disease treatment and prevention, proper pruning methods, and more.

Our coffee processing beneficio is also part of our training program. At the beneficio, we train farmers on how to process and dry high quality coffee. Once farmers graduate from this program, we offer microloans for them to build their own beneficio, and we guide them in construction.

Will you help Aldea Development to be as effective as possible in our goal to make farmers productive and fruitful in their work?

By supporting Aldea Development’s Training program, you are:

  • helping farmers increase their farms’ productivity and sell their coffee at higher prices

  • enabling us to provide individualized training to farmers, free of charge

  • giving farmers access to current farming techniques and technologies

  • providing continual education to our staff in agriculture science, microfinance, accounting, community relations, and technology

Each time you partner with us, your support makes a tangible difference in what farmers are able to do. Join us in giving them the resources they need to produce a quality harvest!

Our fundraising goal for this program is $8,000, and every contribution helps! To donate (via PayPal), please visit our Donate page.

For questions, or more information, please send us an email at

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